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Tucked into a two-car garage on Philadelphia's Main Line, Beechwood Bells is not your ordinary gym. It's more like a suburban speakeasy, a bare-bones paradise or a kick-ass oasis where like-minded women can get together, lift a bunch of heavy things, encourage each other and laugh—a lot. 

Beechwood Bells has been providing women of all ages and fitness levels with effective, no-bullshit programs since 2018. Every training circuit is designed for strength, endurance and flexibility, to decrease chronic pain and boost conditioning and confidence. The majority of training includes a mix of kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight exercises.


Iron-curious? Sick of time-consuming gimmicky workouts that don't give you the strength and muscle you really want? If you're not fixated on quick fixes and you've maxed out on cardio, then start right here. When you're willing to learn strength as a skill and ready to exceed your own expectations, check out the services below—and feel free to email me with any questions. I will get back to you in a timely fashion.


Also, make sure to read more about Elise to see if Beechwood Bells is the right fit for you. 


Payment accepted via Venmo, PayPal, cash or check. Email me for details . 

One on One


On your own or with a friend, sold individually or in 4-session blocks. Includes a physical assessment, custom-tailored programming and one- on-one training based on your goals and needs.

Each session lasts one hour. Also provided are suggested home workouts.

$80 per 1-hour session.

$285 per 4-session block. 

Social & Sweaty


Small group sessions for with a friendly, inclusive vibe, utilizing powerlifting, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. All ages, levels and genders welcome. Max five students. Located in Havertown, PA. Click on the Garage Group tab above to see our schedule of classes. You can register there too. 

$25 per 1-hour session

$180 per 10-pack (90 day expiration)

$160 monthly unlimited

On Your Turf


If you're a self-starter with a good sense of body awareness and can handle technique cues and corrections, online training might be a good fit. Includes customized programming based on your needs and goals. We will talk a few times a week via text and adjust your programming as needed. Must be willing to video your workouts and send them to me.

$125 per month

Kitchen Capers


The TRUTH DIET is a 30-day diet and nutrition program for adults who know the basics but need a nudge. Includes tips, recipes, one-on-one coaching, a progress tracker and more. This is a high-protein, realistic plan tailored to help you finally achieve the results you've been after. 

$99 for 30 days. 


Please try to register for a class other students have already signed up for, if your schedule allows, especially if you are signing up the same day class is held.

If you can only make it to a class that you are solely opening up, please know that I am opening or keeping the gym open just for you.
Cancellations less than two hours before class will result in a class charged.

A lateness of 15 minutes or more to a class in which you are the sole student, with less than a two hour notification will result in a canceled class.

If a pattern emerges of a student regularly signing up to be the sole registrant when their schedule allows for more flexibility, you will be asked to switch your registration status to personal training.


Please give two hours notification whenever possible. That means lead time to sign up, cancel or notify regarding lateness of 15 minutes or

I understand that things happen in life that make it impossible to get to the gym on time or at all, and once in a while it’s no big deal,
ESPECIALLY when others have already registered for that class, and when you text me out of courtesy.

However, if you register late or open a new class regularly, especially a noon or 4PM class, then  my gym might not be best suited for your training and scheduling needs.

Thank you for reading and considering, and I look forward to seeing you in the gym soon!




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