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“I've been training with Elise for four years and I’ve never been stronger. The younger women I work with come to me when they need to move something heavy. Elise is always there not only to keep an eye on my form and help me improve my hinge and squat, but she’s a great friend. I love to spend an hour with her multiple times a week. Her garage gym business is the best thing that’s ever happened to my fitness lifestyle, and now my two grown daughters come to train as well. Each of them has different needs which Elise zeroes in on on coaches. They love to go heavy now, and blast through new goals. I can’t recommend Elise more, but I also want to keep her all to myself!

—  J.R.

Elise Miller has created a safe space where women of different fitness levels come together and get shit done. Her small training classes are filled with supportive, strong, badass women. Elise practices what she preaches - good form, hard work, dedication, attainable goals. She is committed to learning more and teaching better. Because of Elise, I have found my place in the gym.

—  A.S.

Elise is magnificent. She is knowledgeable top to bottom, inside and out as a trainer and shares her expertise sculpting her students into strong, fit warriors! Form is a must with Elise as she pushes you gently and consistently so that one day you realize you can actually beat your last PR or do that pull-up you never could. Going to her gym makes you stronger and happier, a one hour class is full of sweat and plenty of laughter. Elise is true master who cares deeply about her clients and turns us all into her masterpieces. Work with Elise and you will get strong and achieve what you never expected of yourself.

—  J.B.