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“Where strength meets sanity” is more than a tagline. It’s a lifestyle.

practicing the Turkish Get-up for my 2014 SFG1 cert

Quickie empowerment session for you—write a list of beliefs that if you're brave enough to admit, once ruled you. Read them over and see how far you’ve come. If you pay attention, you’ll witness your own evolution and may I say, it is damn empowering.

Twenty-five things I used to believe—

  1. That leg lifts could make my thighs thinner.

  2. That I needed to be rich to be happy. And/or famous. And/or Madonna.

  3. That I could change other people’s minds.

  4. That pity equaled love.

  5. That there was no way I could start a business without sacrificing my soul.

  6. That I could only be fulfilled if I worked as an “artist.”

  7. That every workout should leave me a sweaty tired mess.

  8. That wishing really hard would make my dreams come true.

  9. That being as lean as possible could make me confident.

  10. That my body was disgusting.

  11. That a boy would validate me.

  12. That I’d always feel as if something were fundamentally wrong with me.

  13. That everything really was “all my fault.”

  14. That everything happens for a reason.

  15. That running was the best exercise for me.

  16. That yoga was the best exercise for me.

  17. That being a vegetarian was the best diet for me.

  18. That being Paleo was the best diet for me.

  19. That there is a "best" diet.

  20. That there is a "best" exercise program.

  21. That I’d never get over the dysfunction I grew up with.

  22. That my butt was too big.

  23. That my hips were too wide.

  24. That everyone else had it all figured out.

  25. That I’d never be happy.

These beliefs were my personal religion, whether or not I knew it consciously. Here's what I know now: Strength isn’t only physical. It’s mental too, and both kinds of strength feed each other, just as both kinds of weaknesses do. Becoming aware of faulty belief systems can bring an entire defective mythology to its knees. Then you get to rise from the ashes and soar. How bout that?

If you have the impulse to write, do it now. What's the worst that can happen? See what unfolds when you cultivate a little clarity.

Stay strong. Get sane.


Coach Elise

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