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When the day slowly submerges

I talked about my lodestar in a previous post, and I’m glad I did because shit gets foggy out at sea. If I don’t have that lighthouse to guide my little boat home, I’m stuck, floating aimlessly in the dark. That tiny pinprick of light—my lodestar—simple, calm and peaceful sanity—is enough to right my ship and get me going in the proper direction. Do you have those days that start out innocently enough, and then like a slow leak, fill with briny salt water? Your day slowly submerges, the world around you blurs. You choke. Your boat capsizes. You’re left feeling anxious and alone, cold and dripping wet. You look over your shoulder for the shark. I always scour the sea for that damn shark. Do y

“Where strength meets sanity” is more than a tagline. It’s a lifestyle.

Quickie empowerment session for you—write a list of beliefs that if you're brave enough to admit, once ruled you. Read them over and see how far you’ve come. If you pay attention, you’ll witness your own evolution and may I say, it is damn empowering. Twenty-five things I used to believe— That leg lifts could make my thighs thinner. That I needed to be rich to be happy. And/or famous. And/or Madonna. That I could change other people’s minds. That pity equaled love. That there was no way I could start a business without sacrificing my soul. That I could only be fulfilled if I worked as an “artist.” That every workout should leave me a sweaty tired mess. That wishing really hard would make my


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