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The TRUTH Diet: an Introduction

The Great Trade-Off

The brilliant economist Thomas Sowell once wrote, “There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs.”

This is true about everything—finances, relationships, career, and how you look and feel. Are you ready to face the reality of the diet trade-off?

Losing weight is not easy. Hunger hurts. When weight loss gurus tell you that you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight, they are lying. A lot of people are overweight these days. Do you think they would remain overweight if dieting were easy?

You have three choices if the overweight person is you:

  1. Lose weight.

  2. Remain the same.

  3. Gain weight.

If you want to lose weight, you’re in the right place, but I am not going to lie to you.

The only way to get smaller is to eat fewer calories than you use. For a woman who weighs 135 pounds and wants to lose up to ten pounds, this means eating roughly 1600 calories a day. If you’ve heard that 1200 calories is the magic number, I have good news. 1200 calories is the number of calories you burn laying in bed all day doing nothing. This means that you can eat more than that and still lose weight. But you will still be hungry.

That’s where I come in. I can help you be smart about weight loss.

The reason weight loss is hard is because hunger hurts, and it drives us to eat on an precognitive level that undermines rational thought. You must strategize in order to manage hunger discomfort because it will win every time if you are not prepared. Can you trade some comfort for a lighter, leaner body?


  • a detailed meal plan

  • an unrealistically low-calorie diet

  • a low-fat, keto or paleo diet

  • a juice cleanse or detox diet

  • a rigid one-size-fits-all diet


  • an accountability program that includes 101 tips for success, meal and smoothie recipes, a food diagram and me helping you along the way

  • a moderately calorie-restricted diet

  • a high protein nutrition program

  • a guaranteed weight loss method IF you follow the guidelines

  • tailored to your lifestyle with no unrestricted foods or food groups unless you decide to restrict them

  • for adults who know what they need to do but have trouble doing it on their own

  • for adults who are willing to be honest about their eating—and drinking—habits

TRUTH is also an acronym. It stands for:

Track, Restrict, Up protein, Take full responsibility and Harness your Hunger.

Track. You cannot measure what you don’t track, and I cannot guarantee results without it. By documenting daily and weekly data, you can chart your progress, see where you need to make a change, and learn from your habits and lifestyle. Tracking keeps you accountable, and focused on your goals.

Restrict. If your goal is to lose weight, you will not achieve results without caloric restriction. Along with restricting your overall calories, you will also want to restrict certain types of foods—empty calories, nutritionally deficient and high sugar crap.

Up Protein. The most important macronutrient in terms of building muscle, satisfying your appetite and increasing your happiness is protein. It is simply easier, more efficient and effective to reach your goals with a high protein diet.

Take Full Responsibility. This means being a grown-up every day of this challenge and overcoming your urges to make excuses, give up or drop out. Being accountable is loving yourself. It’s also profoundly empowering.

Harness your Hunger. Reverse conventional FOMO. Instead of fearing that you’re missing out on cake, cookies or a second serving, realize that you are missing out on looking and feeling better in the long run if you indulge short-term. Remember trade-offs? Hunger is your guiding light and the signal you’re losing weight. Seek it out wisely. Use it to reach your goal. The trade-off will be worth it.

Your job:

  1. DAILY: Track your calories and macronutrients (aka macros, i.e, protein, carbohydrates and fats). I will give you a customized target of calories, protein, carbs and fat and show you how to track.

  2. DAILY: As best you can, stick to your calorie and macro assignment for 30 days. I will periodically check your diary.

  3. DAYS 1 and 30: Submit progress pics—front, side, back, in the same spot at the same angle with the same lighting if possible.

  4. WEEKLY: Weigh yourself, in the morning before you eat, with the scale in the same place on the floor, especially if it’s digital.

  5. ANY TIME: Text or email me if you have questions.

Okay, so you’ve read the introduction. How do you feel about it? Do you feel ready to conquer your goals, equipped with the right tools for the job, knowing I’ll be there to help you along the way? Or do you feel like crawling under the covers? Maybe a little of both?

The TRUTH Diet is $99 for 30 days. That's three dollars a day to potentially change your life forever.

When you’re ready to sign up, email me at

What have you got to lose, except some well-meant but misguided beliefs that no longer serve you, and some excess body fat?



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