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Hi Angels!

Here's the protein-packed mug cake recipe, all pertinent intel and flair in one tidy place. Woo!

Servings - 3

Calories per serving - 370

Ingredients -

3 eggs (56 g), Cage-free Extra Large Brown Eggs

1 cup, Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese

2 bananas

2 Rounded Scoops (31g), Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein - French Vanilla Creme

2 T, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1 tsp (0.6g), Baking Powder

1 sprinkle cinnamon

Directions -

In a medium-sized bowl, stir together eggs, ricotta and mashed bananas.

Add dry ingredients. Mix.

Use ⅓ recipe per mug. Microwave on high for 1.5 minutes.

Optional: add 1 T peanut butter plus whipped cream

Notes -

Make sure mug is not filled before you microwave. It rises like crazy, so about half full is ideal.

If you like it more pudding-y, stir and eat right after nuking.

If you let it sit after nuking, it will shrink and harden, getting dense like a brownie, but not as chewy.

You can make this recipe into pancakes. Simply omit cocoa powder and ladle onto a hot greased skillet. Flip carefully with large spatula. These guys are fragile.

Bon Appetit!

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